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PHOTOS -CHSP RADIO SHOW:St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church Choir presented the“CHSPRadio ShowGoes ToBroadway”on Sunday, 6th April Enjoy photos of the occasion by clicking hereor on the image below.


SPRING MUFFIN PARTYSponsored by theLadies Aid and W.M.S. Saturday, May 10th 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.Come and join us forCoffee/TeaMuffins/Jam/Fruit & Cheese. Bake Table, Books DVDs. Admission $3 at the door(Murray Street entrance). Click here for a poster.

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LANCASTER, PA, TRIP CANCELLED:Janet and Wayne Halstead report that, unfortunately, the Haiti fund-raising trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in May has had to be cancelled for this year.Janet says that they also fully intend to run the same trip next year, with more time to fill the bus, and would encourage anyone interested to contact Wayne or herself and go on the waiting list for May 2015.Meanwhile, we are encouraging those who signed up to still donate the $65.00 which was the Haiti Mission donation part of the package.

HAITI MISSION TRIP:St. Paul’s Session wants to offer a helping hand to a Church and Mission run by Pastor Wilbert Placide in Jacmel, Haiti. Jonathan and Penny Baird have known Pastor Placide since 2002 and vouch for the sincerity of the mission that he leads. The 2010 earthquake damaged the church and it needs repairs. For the trip to be successful, an extra $10,000 is needed to transport donated medical equipment in excess baggage and buy construction supplies in Haiti in advance, for the Church and Mission house. Any extra money will buy medicine to combat parasites in the children of the area. Read more about this mission trip by clicking here or find it under“Events” on the menu above.


DINNER, AUCTION & ENTERTAINMENT:Dinner, Entertainment & Auction will take place on Saturday, 24th May 2014 in the Christian Education Hall at St. Paul's Church. Dinner will be served at 5:30 pm with entertainment and auction to follow. Please come out and support our Mission Trip to Haiti. Funds raised will be used to purchase equipment and supplies to help rebuild a church and orphanage damaged in the earthquake of 2010. Click here for poster.


BATTLE OF THE BANDS;APRIL 27th at 2:30 pm. Concert “in the round” with three of the Peterborough New Horizons Bands competing for your affection! Sit among them – featuring The Dynamics and Swing Set. Contact Eric Prugh at 705-652-1250. Love offering (suggested $10).

Internet Radio

THE GLOBAL VOICE: Here’s some exciting news! Devon Wilkins of our congregation - and a choir member - is aworldwidebroadcaster. She produces a programme that is heardevery weekon internet radio at www.theglobalvoice.info-a "radio station that helps the world's blind and sighted communities see eye to eye". The show is broadcast at various times: Wednesdays at 5:00 pm, Thursdays at 3:00 pm, Fridays at 5:30 pm and Saturday sat 6:30 pm and 11:00 pm. She covers many different subjects andthemes: Animals, Music, Seasons, the Universe, the Olympics, Valentine’s Day, Vacation Locations, Gardening as well as Scottish Music. Take time to listen in and give Devon your feedback, as well as ideasfor future shows.

THE GUMDROP STORY:Thank you to Bev MacLeod of ourcongregation who shares thischildhood story of how her mother taught her a biblical truth in a very unusual way. "Once upon a time, a long time ago when I was about six years old my mom did something quite out of character for her. She was a very disciplined Scottish woman who was raised on the edge of the North Sea, where life was precarious to say the least. Many of the men who were forced into a life of fishing after the Scottish Clearances, died as inexperienced boatmen and she suffered many losses. As the women huddled on the shore waiting for their loved ones to return from a stormy sea, they created a logic based on their spiritual links. They held hands, prayed and accepted God’s will. My mother saw God’s lesson in almost everything that happened to us and always there was some Bible lesson to be taken from it.” Read more

THE HOT WATER BOTTLE: Jacqueline Gilchrist, a member of our congregation, shares with us a story - that came to her from a friend in Australia - about a hot water bottle. "This is a story written by a doctor who worked in Africa:

One night I had worked hard to help a mother in the labour ward; but in spite of all we could do, she died, leaving us with a tiny, premature baby and a crying two-year-old daughter.” Read more ...

In Presbyterian News

WOMAN OF FAITH RECIPIENTS:The Presbyterian Woman of Faith Award Committee would like to announce the 2014 award recipients.The Presbyterian Church in Canada, the Women’s Missionary Society and the Order of Diaconal Ministries established this award to recognize the courageous and faithful work of women within our church. Nominations were received from across the church. Read more ...

2014 General Assembly

2014 GENERAL ASSEMBLY:The 140th General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church in Canada will begin onFriday, May 30 at 1:00 p.m.and conclude on Monday, June 2, 2014. Most of the activities will be held atWilfrid Laurier Universityin Waterloo, Ontario. The Presbytery of Waterloo-Wellington is hosting this year’s Assembly. Read more

PRESBYTERY OF MONTREAL RESPONSE TO THE QUEBEC CHARTER OF VALUES:Meeting in Toronto on February 3 and 4, theEcumenical and Interfaith Relations Committeeof The Presbyterian Church in Canada received and studied theresponse of the Presbytery of Montrealregarding the proposed Quebec Charter of Values. The committee was impressed with the way the presbytery affirmed and celebrated the unique identity and religious heritage of Quebec, while at the same time making clear their view that the Bill undermines the rights and freedoms of people of faith. Read thePresbytery of Montreal’s responsefrom the PCC website...

In Other News

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WHY PEOPLE REJECT CHRISTIANITY:Royal Hamel, an ordained minister with the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church and freelance writer, says: "In the past 20 years or so, I have frequently pondered why so many in contemporary culture reject Christian belief and practice. Fact is, that people in our Western culture seem to be more and more resistant to embrace Christianity.Why do so many seem so resistant to the claims of Jesus and the good news that he brings? Doubtless there are many factors that could be explored, but I suggest there are at least four common reasons why many of our friends and neighbours are cool toward Christ and his message." Read more ...


SPIRITUAL BUT NOT RELIGIOUS: "Despite the ongoing decline in American religious institutions, the meteoric rise in people who claim to be “spiritual but not religious” should be seen positively - especially by religious people.To accept this as good news, however, we need to listen to what they are saying, rather than ridicule them as “salad bar spiritualists” or eclectic dabblers.After spending more than five years speaking with hundreds of “spiritual but not religious” folk across North America, I’ve come to see a certain set of core ideas among them. Because of their common themes, I think it’s fair to refer to them by the acronym: SBNR.But before we explore what the SBNRs believe, we first need to learn what they protest.” Read more ...
(ByLinda Mercadante, Profesor of Theology at The Methodist Theological School and the founder ofHealthy Beliefs – Healthy Spirit. She is the author of“Belief without Borders: Inside the Minds of the Spiritual but not Religious”.)

WHAT’S IT LIKE TO BE NINETY?Gwyneth Whilsmith of Exeter, Ontario, reflects on her advanced years, "What’s it like to be 90?” someone asked me. Well, it’s much the same as being 20 or 40 or 60 or whatever—you don’t feel much different than you did the day before, or a decade or two before, to be honest.”Read her article in this month’s Presbyterian Record.

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HOLLYWOOD FILMS A TESTAMENT TO RENEWED INTEREST IN BIBLE STORIESThere are three Bible-based movies set to open in movie theatres this year.The first,“Son of God,”is produced by the married couple who brought“The Bible”to the History Channel and into households across the country — producerMark Burnettand actressRoma Downey. This will be followed by“Noah”in March and“Exodus” in December.Read more in The Washington Times.

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